Weaponized trade polices leading to a fragmented world

The World Economic Forum feels that deepening geopolitical tensions are leading to more assertive industrial policies and a dramatic reduction in cooperation We have entered a new world order. Two major geopolitical and economic blocs – one Western-led and one led by China and Russia – are firming up and are increasingly in competition withRead More

Revamping Central Bank Oversight

Shifting tides in the world of finance have led to a profound transformation of the Federal Reserve’s supervision procedures. Following the collapse or compulsory acquisition of various smaller, regional financial institutions, the US central bank is contemplating methods to enhance its surveillance and safeguard the interests of customers – a pivotal move towards risk identification and mitigation.

Generative AI finds a likely answer to the riddle of the Productivity Paradox

A series of research papers revealed that General-purpose technologies (GPTs) can affect entire economies, usually on a national or global level. GPTs have strong impact on pre-existing economic and social structures.Hence, they can drastically alter societies and also has the potential to address some of the riddles posed by the ProductivityParadox.

A case for ‘good inflation’

The collapse of SVBcould be a curtain raiser of worse things if the Fed keeps on raising rates. And though there’s a case for ‘good inflation’, the debate is over the percentage.

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