The Snapchat Saga!

The Snapchat Saga!

The Snapchat Saga!

Here’s five reasons why the Snapchat Saga was way over the top!

1. Did Evan Spiegel say what he did? The whole controversy started because Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel apparently called India a poor country and that the app is for rich people. That’s a very elitist statement and in extremely poor taste. However there is no proof that he said it, he denied it when asked and squarely blamed a disgruntled former employee for spreading the rumours.

2. Fact checking usually helps. We live in the age of information, it is literally on our fingertips. We have access to a several sources to verify most news. And we have access to fast information, it takes almost no time to look something up. Fact checking is a virtually effortless task and yet we let our actions be driven by hearsay.

3. Trolls can’t be opinion makers. Trolls are beings from Scandinavian mythology who are known for their aggressive nature and for being exceptionally stupid. Two very apt reasons why internet trolls have been named after them. Facts or logic don’t really matter, any small reason to cause mayhem is enough. And ergo, what self-respecting nation should allow these “extremely stupid’ trolls shape their opinions.

4. Introspection. All the point is moot in this context, but just for our own sake; are we a poor nation? No! DO we have multitudes of poor people? Yes, unfortunately. Instead of taking offence, maybe an acceptance of the facts and a continuation of our efforts on the alleviating poverty from our country should take precedence. And we have been doing exactly that since independence, trying to build a better India! But till we live in glass houses…

5. Poor old Snapdeal! Again, this references point number two. Fact checking helps. Dragging Snapdeal, a completely different and unrelated company, not even in the same industry into this mess was absolutely uncalled for. All Snapdeal did wrong was to have a similar sounding name and they got dragged into the crossfire! Like we said, trolls have the intelligence of an avocado, trust them to confuse between two very separate entities.

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