Unveiling the Power of Spatial Computing

Delve into the immersive world of spatial computing – where reality meets innovation head-on. From augmented reality to virtual immersion, spatial computing promises to reshape business processes, engagement strategies, and revenue models, propelling organisations into the future of human-computer interaction.   Source: Iron Man 2, Marvel Studios   Spatial computing refers to the fusion ofRead More

New AI Technique Allows Robots to Generate Their Own Expressive Behaviours

Integrating large language models into robotic systems could greatly expand how adaptable, useful and perhaps even caring machines can become in the future   People employ expressive behaviours to effectively communicate and coordinate their actions with others, such as nodding to acknowledge a person glancing at them or saying “excuse me” to pass people inRead More

Generative AI: Innovating in the Energy and Materials Sector

The advent of generative AI heralds a new frontier of possibilities for the energy and materials sector. As executives navigate the complexities of implementation, the focus must shift from merely applying generative AI to delivering transformational value. By embracing a strategic and measured approach, organisations can harness their full potential, driving innovation, efficiency, and competitiveness.Read More

Climate Change Mitigation Presents Growing Career Opportunities

For young people concerned about environment, it is personally meaningful that the drive toward a decarbonised economy provides chances to pursue one’s career while working toward climate solutions   The worsening climate crisis and rapid growth of clean technologies are creating many new career opportunities. A PwC report finds that climate tech’s share of privateRead More

How Relevant is Performance Appraisal in the Modern Workplace? – Part I

Despite alternative approaches, performance appraisal remains highly relevant in today’s workplace. However, some experts are voicing their reservations about whether it is time to take a fresh look at this time-honoured practice.   In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the modern workplace, organisations are constantly seeking ways to optimise employee performance and enhance productivity.Read More

Can Technology Replace the Leader? – Part III

Leaders who leverage technology as a tool while embracing and developing certain crucial human qualities and skills will be better positioned to navigate the challenges and complexities of the modern world   Although technology has enhanced various aspects of leadership, certain crucial human qualities and skills cannot be replaced by technology alone. AI may beRead More

China 2024 Outlook

As the storm clouds gather in 2024, accurate economic and political forecasting using big data analytics will prove critical for Chinese policymakers working to sustain growth and stability   The Chinese economy has been in the headlines for the wrong reasons since the last few months. Its economy is facing strong internal and external headwindsRead More

Future-Sensing in an Era of Disruption

As we navigate the turbulent seas of change, the imperative for business leaders is clear – embrace future-sensing. The convergence of structural and cyclical changes creates both challenges and opportunities, and those who master the art of future sensing will not only weather the storm but emerge as leaders in the reshaped business landscape ofRead More

Misinformation & Disinformation in 2024

The disruptive capabilities of manipulated information are rapidly accelerating and there is a risk that some governments will act too slowly, facing a trade-off between preventing misinformation and protecting free speech   Sample these: A few weeks ago, voters in the US state of New Hampshire woke up to robocalls featuring a voice that soundedRead More

The Transformative Role of Mobile Money in Fostering Financial Inclusion

Mobile money platforms have emerged as powerful agents of change, fostering financial inclusion and economic development in economies grappling with institutional voids. A study from the Wharton Business School validates its positive impact while emphasising the role of regulatory reforms in catalysing these transformative effects.     As we stand at the crossroads of anRead More

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