The EU AI Act: A Regulatory Milestone

In recent years, global AI regulation has become unequivocally crucial, with an increasing number of countries now enacting laws for ethical AI use. The EU’s upcoming AI Act mirrors nations like the US, Canada, Australia, and Japan, which are also enacting AI regulations due to risks like privacy breaches and biases. Organisations must align withRead More

How Relevant is Performance Appraisal in the Modern Workplace? Part III

Organisations are exploring new-age appraisal approaches that align with the changing nature of work and employee expectations –creating a performance management culture that is flexible and employee-centric   As the workplace continues to evolve, organisations are exploring new-age approaches to performance appraisal that align with the changing nature of work and the expectations of employees.Read More

From Sunbeams to Power Plants: Unveiling the Promise of Nuclear Fusion

Replicating the solar process of nuclear fusion on Earth has been the holy grail of scientists for decades, and developments in Japan mark a crucial step towards making it a reality   The world held its breath a couple of months ago this winter, as Japan inaugurated the JT-60SA reactor, the largest operational superconducting tokamakRead More

The Reconfiguration Imperative: The Path to a Sustainable Industrial System

The reconfiguration of our industrial system stands as the challenge of our lifetime. Yet, it also presents an unparalleled opportunity for transformative change. By blending audacious vision with practical action, we can overcome inertia and forge a path towards a sustainable, resilient future.   The looming spectre of climate change casts a long shadow overRead More

A Big Shift from Jobs to Skills

The latest World Economic Forum Future of Jobs report forecasts that 44% of core skills will be disrupted by 2027 and 60% of all professionals will need to be retrained   As the headlines scream of massive job losses, sharply reduced hiring numbers, and an unprecedented churn of human resources, it reveals a tectonic skillRead More

Foundation Models: Revolutionising Machine Learning and AI Applications

Foundation models are a cornerstone of the AI ecosystem. While challenges persist, the continued advancement and refinement of foundation models promise to unlock new frontiers in AI innovation, shaping the trajectory of technological progress in the years to come.   Foundation models (FMs) represent a groundbreaking advancement in the field of machine learning (ML), offeringRead More

How AI Is Redefining Data Careers

Professionally working alongside AI is the future and, rather than being supplanted, the data professionals of tomorrow will be AI-augmented – not automated away!   We are in the midst of an artificial intelligence (AI) revolution that is transforming enterprise data strategies across multiple roles. As AI models require vast training datasets for accuracy, companiesRead More

How Relevant is Performance Appraisal in the Modern Workplace? – Part II

The fairness, transparency, and legal compliance associated with performance appraisal contribute to a positive work environment. Here’s a look at how organisations can address these sensitive issues and remain free of biases.   So far, we have discussed how performance appraisal remains highly relevant in the modern workplace due to its significant benefits. As theRead More

Canon’s Strategic Evolution: Beyond Cameras, Embracing the Imaging Ecosystem

The company is evolving beyond its traditional identity to become a “comprehensive imaging solutions provider” through a remarkable breakthrough in developing a terahertz semiconductor   Canon – ranked first among Japanese companies for 19 consecutive years in patents – has achieved a remarkable breakthrough in developing a terahertz semiconductor. While Canon’s legacy lies in itsRead More

The Resilience of the Global Economy in a World of Uncertainty

The world economy’s ability to thrive amidst chaos underscores its resilience and adaptability. Despite the myriad challenges it faces, from geopolitical tensions to financial instability, the global economy continues to forge ahead, defying expectations and proving its ability to weather storms. As uncertainties persist, so too does the resolve of economies to navigate through turbulentRead More

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