The Power of Uncertainty

In a significant development, researchers have successfully trained a Generative AI model to express uncertainty about its own answers in natural language! This breakthrough has far-reaching implications for the evolutionary process of AI overall   Imagine you are baking a cake, and you need to estimate the baking time. If you say, “I am 80%Read More

Tech Giants Unite to Break Nvidia’s Grip

Signalling a shift towards a more open and competitive AI chip market, a group of tech majors, including Google, Intel, Microsoft, Meta, AMD, HP, Cisco, and Broadcom, have come together to create a new open standard for AI accelerator chips   Imagine a highway system where only one company controls the roads, dictating which carsRead More

GPT-4o: More human than ever

OpenAI’s GPT-4o ‘omni’ represents a significant leap forward in the field of artificial intelligence, setting a new standard for natural, responsive, and versatile interactions. Its impressive speed, efficiency, and processing capabilities open up new possibilities for AI applications, ushering in a new era of machine-human interplay.   The world of artificial intelligence is one markedRead More

AI vs Crypto Crime

AI advancements are enabling authorities to develop sophisticated tools for tracing crypto transactions and combat money laundering and other financial crimes that have burgeoned owing to decentralisation and the anonymity that comes with cryptocurrency transactions.   Cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, has seen explosive growth over the past decade. Originally hailed for its potential to revolutionise financeRead More

AI Sings a New Song – Part I

Generative AI algorithms are now capable of not only creating original songs, but also manipulating existing audio in unprecedented ways.However, this raises crucial questions about authorship, copyright, and the future of human artistry   In a groundbreaking move sometime back, legendary musician Sir Paul McCartney had announced that he has leveraged artificial intelligence to “extricate”Read More

The Ever-Changing Landscape of Video Content

Videos are getting shorter, thumbnails are becoming minimalistic in design, complex video editing techniques are passé, and storylines are more relaxed. What’s behind this shift in digital media?   The video landscape is constantly in flux, with new trends and subcultures emerging daily. To stay ahead of the curve, marketers must keep a close eyeRead More

Strategic Value of High-Resolution Data

Today’s imperative – of driving innovation and strategic decision-making through data – calls for a nuanced understanding of the implications of high-resolution data on software development, paramount for leading organisations into the future.   Data comes in many forms and varieties, continually expanding in complexity and application. High-resolution data, characterised by its detailed and preciseRead More

NVIDIA Releases Digital Humans

With NVIDIA ACE, we are closer to a future in which interacting with computers will be as natural as interacting with humans. But how safe will that be?   NVIDIA has made its ACE generative AI microservices publicly available. This suite of tools is intended to help developers create lifelike digital humans. This significant technologicalRead More

Growing Clout of Data Science – Part III

Companies serious about complex ethical challenges that arise from handling data must adopt robust data governance frameworks, implement stringent security measures, and ensure transparency around their data practices. And this is one area emerging data professionals must be thoroughly familiar with   Navigating the Ethical Challenges The collection, storage, and use of vast amounts ofRead More

Groundbreaking Promise of Few-Shot Learning

The constant quest for efficient ways to extract insights from data has led to groundbreaking advancements over the years. Among these, few-shot learning (FSL) stands out as one such revolutionary approach, enabling us to draw meaningful conclusions from minimal data.   What is Few-Shot Learning? Few-shot learning is a specialised branch of machine learning designedRead More

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