Top Data Science Books That You Must Read!

Top Data Science Books That You Must Read!

Data science, right now, is a field that is most in-demand and is known to pay its aspirants high salaries in return. It is also worth noting that data science will continue to be more innovative and challenging for another decade or more, thus promising enough and more data science jobs for young beginners and graduates. This article will give you a list of the top data science books that’ll help you get an idea of what data science is and will also give you an insight into the data science course syllabus that you’ll need to follow once you enroll in a data science program.

Data Science Books That Are Must Read!

Practical Statistics for Data Science by Peter Bruce, Andrew Bruce & Peter Gedeck

This is an ideal book for any beginner looking to kickstart a career in data science. Albeit is not too detailed, this data science book will give you an overview of all the concepts that you need to learn to master data science. The book also gives an ample amount of information on high-level concepts like randomization, sampling, distribution, sample bias, etc. A book for beginners, it is recommended to move on to other reads to master higher-level concepts of data science.

Python Data Science Handbook by Jake VanderPlas

A data science book that is best suited for those who’ve just started doing data analysis or data science and who need a go-to reference for all technicalities and library functionalities of python. This book covers topics such as  IPython (Interactive Python), Numpy, Data Manipulation with Pandas, Visualization with matplotlib, etc. The knowledge that this book provides will be crucial in the first few steps in any data science project cycle.

Introducing Data Science by Davy Cielen

This book sets itself apart from the rest by covering not only run-of-the-mill data science concepts but also topics such as NoSQL databases, Text mining, Text analysis, and the First step in Big data. A skill that a proficient data scientist must have is that of integrating databases into data science projects, and this book helps you learn just that.

R for Data Science by Hadley Wickham & Garrett Grolemund

This is a data science book that’ll help you learn the ins and outs of the programming language ‘R’. A common misconception amongst beginners is that data science revolves completely around Python, and this book breaks that bias. This book will give you an insight into how messy and raw real data is and how it is generally processed. Transformation of data is a menial and time-consuming task and this book will help you gain a lot of knowledge on different methods of transforming data for processing, thus polishing your arsenal and getting you ready for a stellar career as a data scientist.
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