What are the Subjects Taught in a Data Science Course?

What are the Subjects Taught in a Data Science Course?

Data science rightfully coined as the ‘most lucrative career option’ of the 21st century, has found massive popularity amongst the youth of India. Data science, which is a blend of mathematics, business acumen, tools, algorithms, and machine learning techniques, plays a major role in helping businesses and corporations take key decisions. But before deciding to pursue a formal education in data science, it is necessary to know more about the data science course syllabus and about data science subjects. This article will help you do just that.

Data Science Subjects

A well-curated data science course, the kind that is usually found in top data science courses in Kolkata and top data science courses in Bangalore, is usually comprised of 3 main subjects – Machine Learning, Big Data, and Business Intelligence. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them.

Machine Learning

Machine learning consists of algorithms and mathematical models that are set up to help machines learn, carry out the required tasks and also adjust to regular progressions. Machine learning is usually employed in predictive analytics and time forecasting. Machine learning is a key data science subject that is needed to help machines adapt and tackle everyday problems that a company or an organization faces. 

Big Data

Big data is data that is mostly unstructured and is usually produced as snaps, orders, recordings, pictures, remarks, articles, RSS Feeds, and so on. Big data instruments play a key role in changing these unstructured data into a structured format. A data scientist needs to be familiar with deciphering hidden patterns from massive data sets, and learning big data tools will help them with just that.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a key data science subject as there is a rising demand for individuals with the capability to present massive hordes of data in a visual format to help make key decisions. Business Intelligence supports decision-making based on facts rather than assumption-based decision-making. Being proficient in business intelligence-based skills is a prerequisite for anyone to become a remarkable data scientist.

The journey to becoming a data scientist is not an easy one. One needs to be a master of numerous skills and at the same time proficient in various subjects. But the massive demand and lucrative offers make the struggle worthwhile. We at Praxis understand what it takes to develop astounding data scientists and are proud to present our Postgraduate Program in Data Science. The program is curated to help you learn all the essentials and also give you an insight into the world of data science, ensuring that you have the foundation needed to kickstart your career as a data scientist.

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