Marketing Managed: Jaguar solemnly swears to blow your mind!

Marketing Managed: Jaguar solemnly swears to blow your mind!

Virtual Reality (VR) is the next big thing. It’s supposed to change the way you look at entertainment, quite literally! Watching the telly or gaming on your Playstation might be fun and immersive but wait till you strap on a headset and have an overwhelming experience of simulate reality. Check out some of the available videos on the net to have a vicarious feel of things, of course, you ain’t gonna feel it unless you actually use it.

And as with any new technology, companies and agencies are racing to incorporate it into their new age, hip and cool marketing. So did Jaguar, but with a twist.

The Jaguar F Type is a two seat sports car and at the Big Boys’ Toys Expo, Jaguar came up with an innovative and excellent campaign. The campaign won the creative agency behind it, Y&R New Zealand, four Lions at Cannes and amazing amounts of good PR for Jaguar.

Participants were asked to put on a VR headset and have a simulation experience of riding a F Type. Participants were absolutely blown away by the VR experience and then after their reactions were recorded, came the big reveal. The twist in the plot was that the VR headset was a decoy; they were actually taken for a ride. Pun very much intended. But a ride they enjoyed thoroughly!

As Jaguar puts it, sometimes Virtual Reality is no comparison for Actual Reality. And sometimes, marketing campaigns like these are no comparison to regular campaigns.

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