Business Analyst vs Data Analyst: Who gets paid more?

Business Analyst vs Data Analyst: Who gets paid more?

Data analyst and business analyst, two occupations that come with similar names but different responsibilities. Despite both jobs sharing numerous middle grounds, a common question that has always found its way into relevance is ‘business analyst salary vs data analyst salary: who gets paid more?’. To answer this question we must first understand what it is that a business analyst and data analyst does, and what is the true scope of both occupations.

All About Business Analysts

What does a business analyst do?

A business analyst collects and interprets data to gain key business insights and to come up with recommendations and suggestions to ensure the overall prosperity and profitability of a company or organization. Business analysts are tasked with the responsibility of finding issues within virtually every part of an organization, from IT to marketing to HR, and to come up with ways to improve the existing system.

Business Analyst Salary and Scope

A business analyst is one who loves solving problems and who with their data-driven insights aims to elevate the company to a whole new level. Recent years have seen have a steady increase in the demand for business analysts, and this pattern is projected to grow well into the 2030s and even forward. 

The average business analyst salary in India, as reported by Glassdoor is Rs 7 LPA, with business analyst salaries starting from Rs 3 LPA going all the way up to Rs 15.8 LPA, as reported by AmbitionBox.

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All about Data Analysts

What does a data analyst do?

A data analyst, put simply, collects, stores, and deciphers data in order to come up with solutions to problems and answers to questions. A data analyst’s input can prove to be pivotal to the success of numerous industries such as business, finance, medicine, and science. Unlike a business analyst, whose inputs are confined to the workings of a company or organization, a data analyst ensures that they are well equipped to answer questions from diverse fields and industries.

Data Analyst Salary and Scope

Data analysts are in high demand, with the World Economic Forum listing it second in the growing jobs list in the US. Experts predict a steady rise in the demand for data analysts and expect this trend to continue well into the future.

The average salary of a data analyst in India is Rs 5 LPA as reported by Glassdoor, with data analyst salaries starting from Rs 2 LPA all the way up to Rs 12 LPA, as reported by AmbitionBox.

Data analysts have the ability to adapt to any industry, making them jacks of all trades, but it is the specialized interpretational abilities of business analysts that justify the fact the business analyst salaries are more than data analyst salaries. 

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With both occupations being in high demand, it should be of no doubt that a highly skilled business or data analyst will have no trouble wading their way through the ever so competitive and dynamic market. The demand for analysts is only going to increase and this increase will only lead to a subsequent rise in paychecks.

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