How to choose an institute in data science?

How to choose an institute in data science?

Data science is the art of dealing with massive volumes of data using developed and advanced tools with the aim to find hidden patterns, derive meaningful conclusions, and provide key business insights. Data science and data scientists have grown to become an indispensable part of the workforce, and are always in high demand. There are numerous renowned and proficient data science institutes in India, and this article will help you choose the institute that’s meant for you. 

What does a data scientist do?

A data scientist is essentially a well-rounded data handler, who amalgamates his expertise in computer science, mathematics, and statistics to analyze, process, and model data to create profitable decisions to ensure an overall rise in the operational efficiency of a company or an organization.

Data scientists are given the responsibility to collect and analyze data from unorthodox sources such as social media, smart devices, and email, the kind of data that doesn’t fit concisely into a database. They do thorough market research to understand the latest trends and to analyze the progression of competitors and rivals.

Factors to consider while choosing an institute in data science

Finding an institute with a data science program that’s tailor-made for you is an essential step that you should take before starting your career as a data scientist. Data science institutes in India, in general, offers a wide variety of specialized programs, ranging from programs for beginners to intermediate and advanced programs. Here are a few factors to be considered while choosing an institute in data science:

Updated Curriculum

An updated curriculum is of utmost importance. A data scientist should be well versed in statistics, ML, Excel, and even programming languages such as Python and more. Make sure that you take your time to properly go through the curriculum of the program that you’re about to choose.

Equal Importance to Theory and Practicals

A practical understanding of concepts is necessary for anyone to become a successful data scientist. Theory can be grasped by sitting in lectures, but ensuring that you are given proper practical exposure is very important while choosing a data science program. Data science institutes in India have proven track records of providing highly beneficial practical sessions.

Placement Reviews

Before you enroll in a program in any data science institute, it’s important that you verify how good the placement policy of that particular institute is. How well tied up are the institutes with major companies and corporations, and what is their average placement rate and package, are a few of the questions that you must have answers to before enrolling in any program.

Data scientists have made their mark in the market and are here to stay. A career as a data scientist is bound to be challenging but will be equally rewarding as well. Praxis, being a premier data science institute in Bangalore and Kolkata, offers a comprehensive and well-rounded PGP in Data Science. This 9-month PG program will train you in a manner that’ll ensure that you’re well versed with the foundations, familiar with all the necessary tools and that you’re industry-ready. Praxis also has an accomplished placement record, making this your ideal destination to kickstart a career as a data scientist.

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