Another step taken by Praxis towards driving digital literacy

Another step taken by Praxis towards driving digital literacy

Praxis Business School takes another significant step toward fulfilling the #Praxis objective of driving digital literacy across the student community.

As the knowledge partner of Change Initiatives for their Digital Education Projects, #Praxis is playing an active role in the Capgemini-funded project for running the Digital Literacy Program that is largely driven by our students.

The 3-day workshop from 19th to 21st Sept’ 22 was conducted as a first part of the Digital Literacy Program at the Raspunja P K High School, a neighbouring rural school.

The sessions covered topics on the Basics of the Internet & Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web on the first day. The second day was on building awareness and literacy on Mobile Security and Cybersecurity.

On the 3rd and the last day of the workshop, Praxis students explained: how to securely pay online; ways of financial fraud (fake lottery, OLX fraud), Honey Trap on social media; secure use of social media on public networks/cyber cafés.

We thank Chinmoy Saha, Mukund Mohan Mahapatra, Souvik Hazra, Indira Dam, Vivek Singh and Anand Mohan Singh – students of #Praxis#PGDM class of 2023 for delivering the sessions and enlightening the students of RASAPUNJA P.K. HIGH SCHOOL.

We also thank our volunteers Arijit Chakraborty, Pankhuri Rungta, Farheen Masood, Yash Gupta, Sayanjit Das, Alina Guha for the sessions. We also thank our student Ahan Barbora for playing a key role in making the Digital Literacy Workshop a grand success.

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