Webinar on “How to Begin a Career in Data Science”

Webinar on “How to Begin a Career in Data Science”

The demand for Data Science professionals is at an all-time high. The Webinar on “How to Begin a Career in Data Science,” by Analytics India Magazine (AIM) gives aspirants clarity about how to make their move into the domain of Data Science.

The Webinar brings to you the expertise from two industry stalwarts, Professor Charanpreet Singh Founder & Director, Praxis Business School Foundation and Shivaram K R, Co-Founder & CEO at Curl Analytics.

The objective of the Webinar is to help people who want to get into this field and how to go about it. The webinar answered questions related to the domain of Data Science, the buzz around Data Science today, should you want to be a part of this exciting domain, what skills you need to have in yourself, how do you become a Data Scientist, and what is the next step you should take.

The Webinar enables people to identify a suitable path to upskill themselves and make the transition to this domain. Professor Charanpreet Singh, Founder & Director, Praxis Business School Foundation, says that the field of Data Science has evolved in the most exciting way over the years.

Every business is now looking at using the benefits of the technologies and tools related to Data Science with new recruiters giving quality placement to our students every year. He also shares that people skilled with the curiosity to know more, are passionate problem solvers, have the capabilities to think analytically are the ones who can make it to the domain of Data Science. He says that people who are learning how to learn can up-skill themselves and become better performers as Data Scientists.

Today, there is a huge demand for professionals in the field said Shivaram KR, Co-Founder & CEO at Curl Analytics. The 3 main skills a Data Scientist should possess are Programming Skills, Math Skills, Machine Learning Skills to start with.

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