What does a business intelligence analyst do?

What does a business intelligence analyst do?

Business intelligence analysis is a technology-driven process that uses software and services to convert raw data into meaningful information that assists organizations in making informed business decisions.

A person with abilities like data mining, statistics, and presentation can qualify as a business intelligence analyst, but a good analyst requires more. It’s a job that requires a combination of hard and soft skills. A well-rounded balance between IT and business skills is required of an analyst. In addition, helps businesses make operational and strategic decisions by translating complex data into useful and actionable insights.

Responsibilities of a business intelligence analyst are

Gather business intelligence data.

For new business intelligence analysts, orientation and learning about the current company condition are crucial. An analyst needs to gather business intelligence data from internal and external sources, such as industry publications, publicly available information, field reports, or acquired discoveries.

This could include learning about important technology developments or developing markets in your sector, as well as obtaining data on customers and the market. Analysts must be well-versed in data collecting protocols. A person who wants to be a business intelligence analyst should comprehend the business development objectives, how analysis methods are employed, and which systems are used for processing and data capture?

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Data management

Business intelligence analysts gather, clean, organize, review and validate the collected data. They keep track of the data’s transfer to the data warehouse, and create policies and procedures for data gathering and analysis. An analyst may also be required to create operating procedures for the database, as well as provide technical support or software maintenance for any specific programs.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

An analyst must spot any trends that may have an impact on your business strategies. One of the regular tasks of an analyst is to analyze and mine the data collected from each department.

Finding patterns in data that indicate the possibility for improvement in business strategy is an important element of the job of business intelligence analysts. A business intelligence analyst, for example, would examine market trends to see how a company can embrace new methods and technologies to boost efficiency.

Data dissemination

Business intelligence analysts provide insights based on their findings to management and other departments in the form of graphs and charts. Using the insights as a reference, an analyst must make recommendations to help the company improve and even grow. 

Make analytical reports.

Business intelligence analysts perform a cost-benefit analysis on projects & assessing the efficacy of adopted strategies. An analyst should also have networking & interpersonal skills as you may have to collaborate with management, relevant stakeholders to enforce improvements & map strategic goals. An analyst has to be in sync with other departments to determine the resources, staff, and equipment required. To effectively communicate this to a large group, an analyst must do interactive briefings on a regular basis and create reports.

Companies prefer candidates with the right combination of experience, skills, and education. Thinking critically, interpreting data, and actively listening are important skills an analyst needs to have. Experience and technical expertise may help you stand out, in addition to having relevant degrees. We at Praxis Business School, a premier B-School based in Kolkata & Bangalore provide Industry driven 9 months Post Graduate Programs in Data Science. We also have a well-organized campus placement program that ensures interview opportunities with the most important Data Science businesses.

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