What do you learn in MBA in Finance?

What do you learn in MBA in Finance?

MBA in Finance is one of the most sought-after courses in the country and for good reason Jobs after finance are one of the highest paying jobs with amazing potential for the future

People often ask about MBA in Finance. It is a holistic program that builds your knowledge from scratch all the way up to the master’s level. Looking at MBA in Finance course details is not for the faint of heart it is packed to the brim with rigorous and not very easy topics and requires a lot of effort to master.

What Do you learn in MBA in Finance


In the theory section, we start with the why and how of finance. Why did we invent Finance, what was the need, and how we did so. This is a relatively easy section but should not assume that it is an easy one. This theory is the foundation of your financial knowledge and understanding these concepts gives you the bigger picture of why you are doing Finance.

The Basics

In the Basic section, we learn about the Balance sheet which is equivalent to learning ABC’s of the finance world, A balance sheet is a snapshot view of the financial health of the company after learning this where the money in the company is coming in from and where it is going, this lets you make decisions like where to cut cost or where to put money in.

Then we have the Income Statement, Which is also one of the fundamentals of Financial Knowledge and this will help you build your future knowledge. An income statement is a financial statement that shows you how profitable your business was over a given reporting period. It shows your revenue, minus your expenses and losses.

And Then we have Assets and Liabilities, Which help you identify what is making your company money and what is bleeding you dry. Learning these concepts forms the absolute basics of your finance career and I would argue are the most important part.

Practical Learning

This is where an MBA really outshine every other course available in the market. This is the hidden gem in MBA in Finance course details which most people look over. Learning Practical skills and being able to perform in the job market is what separates an MBA in Finance from Somebody with masters in finance. The Internship you do in MBA in Finance is an absolute must and equips you with relevant knowledge to outshine your competition.

An MBA finance graduate has loads of opportunities available to him, waiting for him to be grabbed. As a premier business school in India, Praxis is offering a 2 year fully residential PGDM program. Praxis offers specialization opportunities in the Finance stream. This program is aimed at combining the art and science of theoretical learning with the virtues of practical training. The program is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India). We also have a well-structured campus placement program that ensures interview opportunities with the most significant companies in the field.

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