Upskilling Report reveals positive trends – Part II

Upskilling Report reveals positive trends – Part II

Despite market uncertainties, upskilling continues to be a constant focus in Indiaas job roles evolve – and is expected to assume even more importance in 2023

The Upskilling Trends in India for 2023 Report by ed-tech platform Great Learning is designed to help both job-seekers and recruiters to anticipate future skills requirements and remain competitive by staying informed and up-to-date on industry trends and best practices. It will also be of immense value to business leaders in understanding the upskilling trends of the competitors, identifying the key motivators, and developing a learning strategy based on data from across industries and geographies.

Our previous installment discussed how the report provides a thorough analysis of upskilling developments observed in India over 2022. This episode is based on the latter part of the report, which predicts upskilling trends in 2023.

Predicted Upskilling trends in 2023

Job security

  • Despite economic uncertainties –and contrary to global trends – 71% of Indian professionals are confident about retaining their jobs.
  • This sense of security and optimism will lead to proactive choices in building a career cushion by upskilling and keeping growthoptions open within their current job.

Figure 1: City-wise break-up of confidence in job-security; Source:


  • Confidence levels were higher among the more experienced, as 83% of professionalswith 6+ years of experience responded in positive.
  • Cities dominated by traditional sectors like manufacturing, telecom, BFSI – like Mumbai and Delhi – displayed more confidence about the future of their jobs.
  • IT-driven economies like Bangalore and Hyderabad showed decreased confidence levels among professionals.
  • It is predicted that the abovementioned geographical variation in job security will be correspondingly reflected in upskilling efforts.

Willingness to upskill

  • In 2023, 83% of respondents expressed plans to upskill. The corresponding number for 2022 was 79% – an increase of 4 points.
  • Among those intending to upskill, 83% were men compared to 80% of women professionals.
  • The desire to upskill in 2023 was most noted in IT/Technology, BFSI, Education/Training, Manufacturing, and Automobile sectors – in that order.
  • Overall, 85% of Indian professionalsthink that upskilling is necessary to future-proof their careers.
  • The top 5 cities that placed the highest importance on upskilling can be ranked in the following order:Mumbai, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi.


  • In 2023, the top motivation upskilling is career growth within one’s current organization. At the second place is personal interest to learn, whileexploring new job opportunities comes third.
  • 67% of respondents felt that the end of remote working and going back to the office would impact their decision to invest in upskilling. In 2022, only 38% felt likewise.Now, most people think resuming office-based work and in-person interactions willallow lesser time for upskilling.
  • As always, women had a plethora of issues to deal with while finding bandwidth for upskilling. For men, engagement at office remained the prime deterrent.

Figure 2:Gender divide in upskilling hurdles;Source:

Organisations seem to be more inclined towards customized training, and 30% of employers in India opted for itacross regions, as it aligns more with their business outcomes.

Speaking to the media, Co-Founder of Great LearningArjun Nairsaid, “With 74% professionals planning to upskill globally, the demand is already strong, and we believe that it will only grow from here on.”

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