Best Career Options After MBA in India

Best Career Options After MBA in India

MBA is arguably one of the most, if not the most popular choices amongst students when it comes to a post-graduate degree. Getting an MBA is a great way to undergo a career change, and earning an MBA opens up a plethora of opportunities in various sectors ranging from Banking and finance to logistics and even healthcare depending upon your specialization. Although it is a popular choice, many students often end up pondering one common question, what are the career options after MBA? Well, this article takes a closer look at some of the best career options that you can opt for after an MBA in India.

Top 4 Career Options After MBA

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager manages the outreach of a company and also ensures that the product or service is properly delivered/implemented in the market. A marketing manager should be ‘street smart’ and should be endowed with an arsenal of skills such as great communication capabilities, problem-solving skills, and an impressive creative outlook. 

Marketing managers look after the planned and unplanned image of the company in the market and ensure that the brand image goes untarnished no matter the situation or circumstances. A marketing manager is one of the best career options to opt for after an PGDM in marketing or MBA in marketing and is also a prospective job that is in high demand.

Investment Banker

An investment banker is an integral part of any corporation and deals with large financial transactions that can, in turn, raise capital for governments, organizations, or entities that he is tied up with. 

An investment banker should be able to easily wade his/her way through soul-crunching numbers, have great communication skills, should be capable of taking responsibility for their decisions, and should also have the capacity to work long and tiring hours. Being an investment banker is no easy task, as it is challenging but at the same time highly rewarding, making it one of the best career options after PGDM in Banking and Finance.

Human Resource Manager

Human resource managers are involved with recruitment, training, remuneration, employee benefits and relation, disciplinary issues, and much more. An HR manager is a requisite of any organization, whether it be big or small, and most HR managers are those who have completed their MBA from reputed universities.

An HR manager should be technically competent, endowed with great communication capabilities, well versed in business laws and the inner workings of the organization, and should also have amazing interpersonal skills. HR managers will always be in high demand, which is why this is a great career option after MBA.

IT Managers

IT managers are responsible for maintaining a company’s technological infrastructure. An IT manager generally would be given a team of IT professionals to handle and to also advise organizations with technological solutions while ensuring that no glitches arise in the computer processes. IT managers should be great with team management, communication, and should have a goal-oriented mindset that can deliver targets within strict deadlines.

The IT sector has seen a massive rise in significance and relevance and the need for IT managers have never been higher. Companies and corporations are on the hunt for well-endowed IT managers, making this a good career option after MBA.

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