Praxis launches the first issue of its academic journal ‘DIGITALICS’

Praxis launches the first issue of its academic journal ‘DIGITALICS’

Praxis Business School releases the first issue of its academic journal DIGITALICS – Explore the Intersection of Business Management and Digital Technology on February 17, 2021.

Praxis Business School’s academic journal ‘ Digitalics’  was launched by Dr. Prithwis Mukherjee, Director, Praxis Business School, in the presence of  internal editorial board team members – Professor Charanpreet Singh, Founder, Praxis Business School; Mr. Kamlesh Sajnani, Chairman, Board of Governors – Praxis Business School; Dr. Sourav Saha, Dean Academics, Praxis Business School; Dr. Sayantani Roy Choudhury, Associate Professor, Praxis Business School; Dr. Kankana Mukhopadhyay, Professor – Human Resources, Praxis Business School.

Digitalics deals with the application of technology in transforming businesses. It is a new way of doing business as practiced by digital business pioneers and game changers like Uber and Airbn, and fundamentally changes the way of doing business It goes beyond pure technology that helps in making businesses efficient.

This is the theme, motto, motivation behind ‘Digitalics’, the foray of Praxis Business School into the world of academic publishing. The first issue of the academic journal ‘Digitalics’ is available online on;


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