Online Learning Day – From blackboard to digital screens

Online Learning Day – From blackboard to digital screens

Students have come a long way in their learning process, with COVID 19 and the following lockdown in 2020. Educational institutes globally had to shut their doors to maintain the safety of the students and open the window for online education. The sudden shift came with a jolt, especially in our country where online education was not widely practised.

The adaptation of online learning peaked during this phase to provide continued education for students. Schools, colleges, and universities tried to rapidly adapt to a technology-friendly environment that could engage students and teachers, delivering personalized and digital learning experiences.

September 15 marks the Online Learning Day to celebrate and raise awareness about the advantages of a blended and online learning mode. The power of technology has broken the barriers of traditional learning methods and increased the potential for students to learn and acquire knowledge irrespective of age and geographical boundaries.

Online Learning Day was established in July of 2016. It showcases how students of all ages can thrive and explore avenues not thought of in earlier times. Technology has made learning more manageable and convenient, with its ever-evolving changes and dynamic nature. Online learning methodology has enabled all learners, from preschool to high school, college, and beyond to learn and acquire new skills and continue their education irrespective of any barriers.

Praxis Business School has been a pioneer in including a digital-focus curriculum in management, data science, data engineering, and cyber security programs. Such a readily adaptable technological matrix helped us rapidly adjust our teaching-learning style for the new normal.

On behalf of all our teachers, students, and academic staff—we wish you all a Happy Online Learning Day!

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