List of Companies giving Cyber security jobs in Bangalore

List of Companies giving Cyber security jobs in Bangalore

We are all aware of the importance of cybersecurity in an era where data is the most valuable asset for any company. Bangalore, as an IT powerhouse, has a more significant requirement for cybersecurity. The number of cybersecurity jobs has increased in recent years as the need for individuals competent in this field has increased therefore, it’s no wonder that many people are interested in obtaining cybersecurity employment. Companies like Aspire Software Consultancy are there in Bangalore, which provides cybersecurity jobs in Bangalore.

So, if you’re seeking Cyber Security jobs in Bangalore, this is the article for you. The following are some of the significant firms where you may discover these opportunities.

List of Companies Providing Cyber Security Jobs in Bangalore:

IARM Information Security :

IARM, India’s top Cybersecurity firm, provides clients with cybersecurity innovation, smart solutions, and services. One of the few firms in India that focuses only on End-to-End Information / Cybersecurity solutions and services for enterprises of all sizes and industries.

Visit IARM Information Security to know more about cybersecurity jobs in Bangalore.


Marlabs assists businesses in implementing Digital Transformation through Digital360. This comprehensive digital framework includes Digital Product Engineering, Digital Automation, Enterprise Analytics, Cloud, Digital Security, and Digital User Experience, resulting in a next-generation Digital Customer Experience.

Visit Marlabs to know more about cybersecurity jobs in Bangalore.


Calpion is an IT Services business located in Dallas, TX that provides application maintenance, Testing as a Service, and software development in Analytics, Big Data, Mobility, and IoT. We have a significant emphasis on the healthcare industry. Our healthcare business process outsourcing and healthcare IT outsourcing service lines offer solutions to a sector defined by strict regulatory requirements, evolving healthcare standards, complicated procedures and workflows, and a dynamic technological environment.

Visit Calpion to know more about cybersecurity jobs in Bangalore.


We are a 360-degree technology solution provider, from product inception through product maturity, and have been in the business for 12 years with 1000+ employees. They build roadmaps that assess progress and execution, as well as intuitive design techniques, to help their clients reach organizational goals and produce products and services that consumers like.

Visit Terralogic to know more about cybersecurity jobs in Bangalore.


Sacumen specializes in collaborating with security product manufacturers. In Connector Development, Connector Support, and Product Engineering, we collaborate with 50+ Security Product Companies such as Symantec, Palo Alto Networks, Varonis, AlienVault, IBM, CA Technologies, ThreatConnect, SecurityScorecard, ForgeRock, Code42, BigID, Flashpoint, and others.

Visit Sacumen to know more about cybersecurity jobs in Bangalore.

Thus, these are some of the companies where you can get cybersecurity jobs in Bangalore. However, if you want to ensure that you pass the cybersecurity interview and land the job, you must first receive adequate training and direction. Praxis, India’s leading business school, provides a 9-month full-time postgraduate degree in Cyber Security as well as a short-term program in Cyber Security. With our extensive expertise in business education, we provide students with both the time to learn the complicated theory and practice of cybersecurity topics, as well as mentorship from qualified professors who are present on campus. We also have a well-organized campus placement program that provides interview chances with the most important corporations.

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