Expert tips to land a Data Science job in 2022

Expert tips to land a Data Science job in 2022

Right, after spending numerous hours learning and coding for more than a year and sacrificing your weekends and holidays to sculpt yourself as a data science graduate, you’ve finally completed your data science program and earned your certificate. Now, a data science job in your favorite company with a hefty salary package would be perfect closure, isn’t it? As much as this sounds great, as a beginner, getting a data science job in 2022 can be hard. Data science job in 2022 is a highly sought-after field by both job-seekers and hiring managers. So, if you’re a beginner looking for a data science job, here are a few expert tips to land a data science job in 2022. 

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Find your role

Whether it is data science or any other field, finding the right role where you’d fit in is the first step. Pursuing the right role will lead to a better application response rate, interview experience, and makes you a better candidate. One thing you have to keep in mind is that the role of a data scientist can look very different depending on the size and stage of the company. The title data scientist is used to mean different responsibilities for different companies, and sometimes you may even have different responsibilities within the same company. So, analyze and find the right role for you.

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Make a systematic action plan

Whether you like it or not, job hunting itself is a full-time job. You need to apply to multiple companies, network, prepare, practice, and never miss out on a recruiter a call or email. You need to give a clear daily or weekly target to these activities. This way, you’ll be able to make the most out of your job search. Also, one important thing you need to keep in mind is that job search is a funnel process, you might get multiple rejections, but these are part of the process and you need to continue job hunting till you succeed. 

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Craft your online presence

The current COVID-19 crisis significantly changed how employers hire. Data science recruiters are turning their attention to virtual employer branding, outreach, and assessment tools. So, it is crucial to craft your online presence. One of the most important online platforms where recruiters assess you is LinkedIn. So, choose a professional image, create a summary section optimized for SEO keywords, and make sure you’ve listed all your skills and certificates. You should also brush up on your virtual interviewing skills. Set up practice sessions to practice your personality and behavior in the interview.

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Now, this is the last and most important tip to land a data science job in 2022. Once you’ve aced the interview and the recruiter comes to the salary part, you have the leverage to seal the deal. Always assume that the salary is negotiable and never settle for the initial salary offer. Consider the company culture and what you bring to the table, this will help you negotiate a better salary. Many start-ups offer equity and larger companies include stock options, so make sure you negotiate for a better salary. 

Companies across the world are actively searching for data science professionals. By taking advantage of this time to pivot into data science, you can succeed in a high-demand profession and take advantage of a job market that continues to thrive in the midst of a global pandemic. As a premier business school in India, Praxis offers a 9-month full-time postgraduate program in Data Science. With our vast experience in business education, we offer students both the time to understand the complex theory and practice of data science concepts and the guidance from knowledgeable faculty who are available on campus for mentoring. We also have a well-structured campus placement program that ensures interview opportunities with the most significant companies in the field.

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