Data Engineering: Why should you learn it?

Data Engineering: Why should you learn it?

Data engineering, at its core, is involved with the task to acquire and store data from various sources, and then processing the acquired data to make it more organized and viable for data scientists. Data engineers are turning out to be indispensable for companies worldwide. Data engineering courses in India are slowly gaining traction amongst the young and hungry and this article shall let you know why you should consider a career in data engineering.

Scope of Data Engineering

Data engineering is a job that will remain in demand as long as there is data that needs to be processed. There is a rising need for data engineers, so much so that Linkedin even listed it down as one of the jobs on the rise in 2021. Data engineers are also paid handsome salaries, with Glassdoor reporting that the average salary of a data engineer in India is Rs.8,56,643 LPA. 

With the career prospects of data engineers in India looking prosperous, data engineering courses in India have subsequently gained mainstream popularity, with many courses having a rich history of successfully tailoring remarkable data engineers and analysts.

Responsibilities of Data Engineers

Although the responsibilities and required qualifications of data engineers vary from corporation to corporation, there are certain key responsibilities that one must fulfill as a data engineer.

  • Acquire, store, process, and clean data from various sources.
  • Develop and maintain data architectures.
  • Carry out industry research to stay on top of the latest trends in the market.
  • Creation and development of data infrastructure for efficient extraction, processing, and loading of data from various sources using SQL, AWS, and other means.
  • The reworking of existing frameworks to optimize performance.

The curriculum of Data Engineering Courses in India

Topics Covered

A data engineer should be one who has the basics of data science, statistics, computer science, and mathematics understood to a ‘t’. To ensure that the foundation is rock solid and advanced concepts are not lost in the wind, most data engineering courses in India have certain common major topics that are extensively covered and taught in detail. These include:

  1. Dataflow
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Dataprep
  4. BigTable
  5. Apache Hadoop ecosystem
  6. Natural Language API
  7. Data Normalization
  8. Data Modeling
  9. Data Cleaning
  10. Data Accessibility
  11. BigQuery (as per

Duration of the Course

Most data engineering courses offered by online course providers normally last 5 months, with few intermediate-level courses having a duration of 3 months or less.

A data engineering graduate has a world of opportunities waiting for him. As a premier school, Praxis is the first to offer a full-time postgraduate data engineering course in India. The data engineering program offered by Praxis, in collaboration with Genpact and Latentview Analytics will mold you into a professional who is bound to make a mark as a proficient data engineer. With exciting campus placement offers right at the doorstep of graduates, Praxis is the ideal destination for aspiring data engineers.

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