Average data scientist salary in 2022

Average data scientist salary in 2022

Average Data Scientist Salary in 2022

Ever wondered what is a typical pay for data scientist role in India makes?

As it turns out, India is the second-highest country recruiting data analytics and data scientists with more than 50,000 vacancies available. Exponential growth has been witnessed in the field of data science in recent years where companies are immensely keen on building their own talent base. The trend is expected to continue as more and more companies adopt a tool-agnostic approach to data science.

One has to keep in mind that a combination of skill and knowledge puts you in the good books of the recruiters, alluring higher pay packages. If you have the readiness to keep updating yourself with recent trends and the required skill set, you have got what it takes to climb the success stairs on the data science field ladder. 

Now that it has intrigued your curiosity, let’s get right into it and see what is expected of a data scientist, their job description and how much do they get paid for it?

Data scientist job description

Data scientists are required to use algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from a range of structured and unstructured data. It is their job to proactively collect data from sources and analyze it for a better understanding of the performance of a business or to automate a few tasks of the company using AI tools. They find a golden midway between IT and business making their role of crucial importance. 

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Required skillset

  • Command over programming languages- python, R, 
  • Statistics
  • Data transformation and extraction
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Data processing frameworks and data visualization
  • Deep learning and neural networks

These are just a few important Skills required for Data Scientist Job

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Data scientist salary range in India

On average, a data scientist in India makes about 712778 INR per annum. According to the data contributed by payscale, a beginner level data scientist makes about ₹573,043 per annum, a mid-career Data Scientist with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹993,293. And as you go higher up the ranks of a Senior level Data Scientist with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of a whopping ₹1,747,282.

Average Data scientist salary

While the opportunities offered by tier 2 cities are still pretty up there, tier 1 cities take the cake with the highest paying job offers for data scientists with Mumbai ranking on top of the list. It is advised to further up your skills and maybe go for any specialization if you are down for it, to attract better packages.

Machine learning is the new drift in the field and will earn you a greater pay range than compared to big data, although having said that, both big data and machine learning combined is recommended which will fetch you about 13 LPA.

Picking up the top five tools of big data analytics, like R, Python, SAS, Tableau, paired along with the infamous Machine Learning Algorithms, Data Visualization, NoSQL Databases will captivate the attention of any talent hunter.

You can upscale your paygrade by constantly upgrading yourself, showing enthusiasm, curiosity, and persistence in the said field. Because believe it or not, there will always be job opportunities in this field, because no company can function without information processed in a computerized way. The data science field has shown exponential growth rate since its induction and will continue to remain the same way. So long as you are willing to stay focused on honing your skills, gaining more experience, and working hard, nothing and absolutely nothing is beyond your reach.

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