5 Amazing data science communities to join in 2022

5 Amazing data science communities to join in 2022

Data science is an amazing field- It has a lot of potential and is growing at an enormous rate. As a beginner or student, even though traditional models like books and journals help you understand the fundamental concepts, you need something more to keep up with the pace at which this field is growing. This is why you need a community of experts to support you as a growing data scientist. Moreover, you need help from a community of people who share the same love and devotion towards data science to keep up with the constantly evolving data science field, and where better to find that kind of support than data science communities?

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So, whether you need to review your new algorithm or just need a like-minded friend that you can interact and discuss data science, here is a list of 5 amazing data science communities to join in 2022. 


Kaggle which is owned by Google started as just a coding tool rather than a community. But in a few years, it became so popular among data scientists that it is currently one of the world’s largest and amazing data science communities with around 3 million active members. You can find all the code, data, and resources that you need for your data science work. It has over 50000 public data sets and 40000 public notebooks. You can also publish data sets and work with other data scientists to solve data science challenges.

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Data science central

Data science central is one of the amazing data science communities to join in 2022. Technically, data science central is the industry’s online resource for data practitioners. Once you join this community, you can use all the services starting from statistics to analytics. It gives a community experience that includes a rich editorial platform, social interaction, forum-based support, and the latest information on the data science field.

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IBM data science community 

IBM data community is one of the initial data science communities founded years ago. This means you can find industry legends and can even get guidance from them. It is the best place if you’re looking for expert-level insight into today’s pressing data science challenges. You also get access to the latest white papers, webcasts, and presentations.

Open data science

Open data science is a global community where you can find researchers, engineers, and developers in this field from all over the world. It is organized around particular, high-level projects. Once you become a member of this community, you can suggest and create projects, invite others to work with you, and more. The platform also conducts events and educational courses that are beneficial for beginners and students. Thus, this is one of the amazing data science communities to join in 2022.  


DrivenData is one of the unique data science communities out there. It is focused on using data science to create a better world by working on data science projects in areas like international development, health, education, research and conservation, and public services. You can find not only data scientists and coders here but also activists, lawyers, and others who are working towards making this world a better place. 

If you are just starting to explore the world of data science or a fresh data scientist, it is never been more important to join a data science community in 2022. Whether you need help with new projects, want to improve your skills, or simply need another data scientist to share your thoughts during these isolated times, this list of 5 amazing data science communities to join in 2021 will help you.

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