Top 4 Websites to Find Data Science Freelance Jobs

Top 4 Websites to Find Data Science Freelance Jobs

Data science is one of the most glamorous tech fields at the moment, and this statement is justified by the large number of openings and opportunities available in the market today. But being a successful data scientist is no easy task. A young aspirant will need to learn new data science skills, develop existing skills, build a strong professional network, job hunt and then land a job. Another way one can build a career is through freelancing. Freelancing lets you improve your skills, gain experience, strengthen your portfolio, and have an income. This article will give you an insight into the top websites that you can use to find data science freelance jobs.

Top 4 Websites to Find Data Science Freelance Jobs

LinkedIn Job Finder

LinkedIn, arguably the biggest and most famous professional networking application on the planet, is also a great source for hunting freelance gigs. The thing is that most people tend to ignore this aspect of the website. The trick to finding data science freelance jobs on LinkedIn is to filter the role type to “contract” or “temporary” so that only freelance openings show up. LinkedIn also lets you set your experience level so that you can find the jobs that match your skillset. is not a typical freelancing website, on the contrary, is a community of developers and startups. Embarking on the journey to be a freelancer can be a lonely one indeed. has identified this problem and is trying to overcome this barrier through its ever-growing exclusive community. In Lemon, you can find freelance openings of all types, from pure Python to web dev to data science. To ensure that you meet the basic requirements, you’ll need to initially pass an English test and clear an interview with a Lemon executive to be part of their community.


AngelList is a website that is widely popular amongst startups. AngelList has a wide selection of freelance gigs with numerous opportunities for data scientists. On AngelList, you’ll be able to find gigs for all experience levels, whether you’re a fresher or an experienced industry veteran. All you need to do is build an attractive profile and start hunting for data science freelance jobs at AngelList.


Upwork is often called the Holy Grail for freelancers and rightfully so. There are innumerable opportunities for freelancers and an ample number of them are for data science aspirants. All you need to do is create a profile, pass the initial screening and hunt for openings or wait for clients to reach out to you. Upwork has two types of openings for freelancers based on payment, fixed payment and flexible roles. The fixed price has a fixed price for a specific amount of hours, while the flexible ones have average hourly pay starting from $20 and up.

Freelancing is a viable option for those who’re looking to build up experience and make a name for themselves in the field of data science. There are a lot of data science freelance jobs out there waiting to be grabbed, all you have to do is look. We at Praxis understand what it takes to become a successful business professional and towards this have created a top of the line PGP in Data Science. This carefully curated course will equip you with all the tools you need to make your mark. Choosing Praxis can indeed help propel your career and our astounding placement records are just a testament to continued success.

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