The iPhone short!

The iPhone short!

Michel Gondry is a French independent filmmaker who won an Oscar for best original screenplay as one of the writers of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. He also directed the film. He has also directed The Green Hornet, Indigo and The Science of Sleep among other films. And from him comes this delightful short called Détour. This whimsical ten minute ride is at once heart breaking and hopeful and most importantly a visual treat!

A visual treat that will remind you of Little Miss Sunshine and Amélie and yet it was shot solely on a phone. An iPhone 7 plus to be specific. Apple was inspired by Wieden + Kennedy’s Stories Are Everywhere campaign for Instagram but they wanted to show the true capability of what an iPhone user holds in her hands and so they got Michel Gondry to make this delightful film.

The film highlights the iPhone’s video enriching benefits and its 4K recording, slow-mo, time-lapse and low-light capabilities. It also helps, that an Oscar winner is behind the camera… the phone!

As part of the marketing campaign, there’s also a series of Masterclasses on Apple’s UK website, free of charge instead of the usual $90 it costs; while Gondry himself appeared for the film’s launch in Paris and spoke about his perspectives on shooting a film entirely on a phone.

Watch the film here and let us know your thoughts!

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