Celebrate Your Worth

Business Management

Uma Balakrishnan

Manager – Corporate Communications, India & South Asia at Visa – PGPBM Class of 2010
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“I not just got a first-class education in Praxis from the best in the profession, but grew as an individual also. The curriculum, projects & on-campus discussions enhanced my perspective of things beyond my knowledge. I’m glad that what I learned in those 2 years is helping me till date in my career”

Sharath Ghosh

Lead Data Scientist at Kellogg’s, Dublin Ireland – PGPBM Class of 2012
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“The Praxis ecosystem enables learning of a very high order; Praxis has the most unbelievable faculty team – individuals with the highest academic pedigree and significant industry experience. I owe my success entirely to my two years at Praxis. If you seek the knowledge and skills to perform in the industry, Praxis is the place for you”

Sahill Shaha

Manager – Consumer Insights & Strategy at ICICI Bank – PGPBM Class of 2010
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“Praxis has a fascinating campus setting, lecturers with interesting insights into current best industry practices and academic thinking, an intimate class-tutor environment, a focus on individual personal development as the batch size is quite small .For me personal development was the most important part and it should be for everyone. Knowledge will let you go up the ladder but right personality will help you go to the top floor in a lift. Praxis is not just another B-School , it’s an EXPERIENCE !”

Richika Sureka

Strategic Account Manager, Vodafone Idea Limited – PGPBM Class of 2009
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“I came from a small town with flying aspirations and yes……Praxis gave me wings. Praxis seemed the perfect foundation to set my career growth. What caught my eyes was the hand holding and individual attention given by the faculties at Praxis ensuring every individual to turn into industry-ready professionals. I am happy with my ROI in Praxis in terms of academic knowledge, its practical approach and placements. It is indeed Celebrate Our Worth!!! ”

Ram Mohan Paramasivam

Business Analyst – Standard Chartered Bank – PGPBM Class of 2015
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“I always believe a good learning is something that has effect on both one’s personal and professional life. The course pedagogy, the top of the line core faculty team, the practical oriented approach in teaching, working on projects and case studies, the learnings at hostel, organizing and participating in various cultural and co-curricular activities has helped shaping me into a better individual both professionally and personally. At Praxis, a great amount of focus is placed on student run activities. Participating and taking initiatives at these activities has helped me gain tremendous learning and experience”

Pratik Gupta

Management Consultant – Capgemini Consulting – PGPBM Class of 2009
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“The 2 years at Praxis was an absolute pleasure. In this institution, as much learning happens over an informal discussion over cups of tea and in the corridors of the hostel as in the classroom. Equal, if not more, weight age is given to co-curricular as the CGPA. All I can say that this place is not a factory for producing MBAs. You will leave this place being better at who you are and by extension what you do”

Pranav Mishra

Deputy Manager at Deloitte Haskins & Sells LLP – PGPBM Class of 2011
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“It was with a little trepidation that I had decided to enroll at Praxis. After all, it was going to be one of the most important decisions in my life. I look back on those days with nostalgia and gratitude. Joining Praxis turned out to be the best decision of my life! As I’ve recently been promoted to Deputy Manager at Deloitte, the firm that recruited me though campus, I would like to take this moment to thank Praxis for the immense contributions it has made to my life.”

Prasanna Lakshmi Devaraj

Analyst, Retail Risk Analytics, HSBC Global Analytics – PGPBM Class of 2015
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“Life at Praxis is very unique. Not only the students are given every assistance to explore their full potential, but with world class mentoring from great faculty they leave us ready to face the challenges of the outside world.

I am highly privileged to have been able to be a part of Praxis and it was a perfect stepping stone for my success in professional as well as my personal life”

Piyush Das

Branch Head, ICICI Bank – PGPBM Class of 2014
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“Praxis has always imparted rich, relevant and practical knowledge. It provides a platform to students in understanding their ability and forte and also helps nourish it. I got what I expected from a B-School and I am sure no one could have done it better”

Gurcharan Singh

Assistant Manager – Deloitte Touché Tohmatsu India Private Limited – PGPBM Class of 2013
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“I built castles in air, Praxis helped me in building the base on which those castles now stand in reality! Thank You – Praxis Business School for everything.”