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Top Placement!

You are young and impressionable and stumble upon the film with the coolest characters; the handsome and confident lead, the equally fearless frenemy and the strong, beautiful heroine. The hero does things his way, rides a bike, flies a fighter jet and romances his instructor. Top Gun was the epitome of cool for the generation when it was released.
Tom Cruise won a million hearts, Val Kilmer and Kelly McGills a million oohs and aahs. Maverick and Iceman were as cool flying jets as they were playing volleyball. Any youngster who watches the film for the first time is sure to be taken in by the uber-coolness of the entire story.
A huge part of that ‘coolness’ can be traced to the leather jackets and more importantly the stylish Ray Ban Aviators. A fact backed by statistics – the sales of Aviator sunglasses rose by 40 per cent in the seven months following the release of the movie.
The other thing that the film did was to increase interest in the US Navy – the number of young men, who wanted to be Navy aviators, went up by 500 per cent – and the US Navy actually set up recruitment booths outside the theatres. The producer, John Davis, stated that “Top Gun was a recruiting video for the Navy. It really helped their recruiting. People saw the movie and said, ‘Wow! I want to be a pilot.’”
We have two words for the amazing marketing success of the Navy as well as Aviators riding along the success of the film; Top Placement!