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Burger King Of Issue Based Adverts!

We have already spoken about companies and organisations taking a stance for what they believe in and have also shared research about how that is often helpful for the brand and that consumers usually appreciate such a stance. Here is another such example. Burger King taking a stance against net neutrality.
Burger King had already made a wonderful video about (anti) bullying and here they very cleverly – almost deviously – point out how net neutrality will affect citizens.
They very simply price their Whoppers differently, depending on how soon a customer wants his/her burger served. There’s also a clever play on jargon – Burger King calls it the MBPS charge, ‘making burgers per second’. And these are real customers, they are made to wait while those paying a higher charge are given prompt service, driving home the point.
“In place of the more emotional and poignant ending of that earlier spot, here we get a more plainly hostile vibe from the patrons—which fits the issue at hand better. If you were served a mashed-up burger, you’d be mostly confused; if you’re openly denied good service, you’d probably get annoyed pretty quickly.”
Watch this brilliant advert and tell us what you think!