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No, I am your advert.

This is a wonderfully funny and touching advert. It is not just hilarious but has a brilliant reference and is sprinkled with a tinge of nostalgia.
KISS FM is a radio channel and it is important to note that their business isn’t audio cassettes, their business is songs and by extension, entertainment and this advert wonderfully covers both.
The advert makes it evident that songs have been eternal, the device has changed. That before there were this generation’s iPods there were audio cassettes. The advert adds this nostalgia which is sure to appeal to anyone who has grown up in the audio cassette area.
Adding to this is is the brilliant Star Wars reference. The background and the colour scheme brings a striking resemblance to Darth Vader and the caption is a direct reference to his famous (mis)quote; “Luke, I am your father.” (The actual quote is; “No, I am your father.”)
Advertising like this appeals to such a wide range of audience, all while bringing a smile to the reader’s face.