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The Story of the two Italians – Ferruccio and Enzo

Ferruccio was a born to a family of grape farmers in Northern Italy. During the war, he was stationed at the island of Rhodes and quickly earned himself a reputation for repairing army vehicles with whatever parts were available.
After the war, his interest and expertise led him to set up a small car and motorcycle repair shop. Until he realised that post war Italy, devoted to agricultural and industrial revitalization, was in desperate need of tractors and so he started assembling tractors. Demands for his tractors grew and he started manufacturing the engines as well before venturing out into heaters and air conditioners.
Ferruccio’s growing fortune and an interest in cars meant that he bought himself a variety of expensive fast cars. The more brands he bought, the more disappointed he was with their performance and frustrated by the problems, Ferruccio decided to travel (not too far) to meet one of the manufacturers and to bring his misgiving’s to the founder’s attention.
The founder, a certain man named Enzo, was an extremely important and busy man, as well as a very proud man, dismissed Ferruccio as an ordinary tractor maker. Ferruccio didn’t take the incident very kindly and realised that there was nothing that Enzo was doing that he couldn’t do better. So he resolved to make better high performance cars without compromising tractability, ride quality and interior appointments.
His interest in a particular sport as well as his zodiac sign influenced his choice of logo for his new automobile brand, a charging bull or a Taurus which contrasted well with his rival Enzo’s logo, a rampant black stallion on a yellow field.
Oh, some readers might better recognise these two automobile makers by their last names, Ferruccio Lamborghini and Enzo Ferrari.