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Social Network | Kollaborative Klassroom – A New way of learning

A significant, innovative part of the Praxis Learning Environment is KK – the Kollaborative Klassroom – an extension of the traditional learning environment into the digital domain.

KK is a social network that allows students and faculty to interact and exchange ideas in a manner and at a pace that they are comfortable with. Course materials are distributed and assignments are submitted on this platform that allows students to learn from the work of others in an open and transparent manner.

Web 2.0 components like chat, messaging, calendars, discussion forums, blogs and theme based mini-groups enable a vast repository of user generated content. KK facilitates the creation and storage of intellectual property – the lifeblood of any academic institute – and allows easy search and retrieval on a secure basis. In addition, students use KK for the entire range of extra-curricular activities that elevates the traditional Praxis campus out of the ordinary and extends it to a point that is limited only by the imagination.
Visit here for Kollaborative Klassroom