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July 2022

From the Founder’s Desk

On the occasion of the 16th Foundation Day of Praxis,
I am delighted to welcome all of you to the first issue of The Praxis Prism – programmed to bring to your mailbox diverse spectra of informative, enriching and inspiring stories about the Praxis community.

We started Praxis in 2007 with a small group of capable and well-intentioned people, passionate about building an educational institute that would add value to the studentsand all other stakeholders.

We are 15 today, and as I look back, I recognize that the one thing that has worked for Praxis despite all the uncertainties and complexities one must face while building an institution – is honesty of intent. It is this intent that has helped Praxis get recognized as one of the Best Education Brands by The Economics Times in 2022 and climb to the number one rank among all Data Science Programs in the country in 2021.

There are a couple of initiatives that we had in mind for the start of our 16th year. One, embarking on a comprehensive alumni engagement roadmap so that we can partner for mutual benefit and growth. We appreciate the value our alumni have brought to Praxis in
multiple ways, and we would like to make membership of the Praxis alumni network a worth-while engagement for all. You will soon hear from us on this.

The second initiative, which is in some ways tied to the first one, is the launch of the Praxis Prism, a newsletter which will, I believe, play a vital role in keeping all our stakeholders connected to the progress of Praxis on a regular basis.

I wish you all a very happy Praxis Day and look forward to your continued engagement and support as we, together, write the next chapter of the Praxis story.

Charanpreet Singh

First Day on campus for PGDM

Our Kolkata campus warmly welcomed students from the PGDM 2022-24 batch.
Orientation for new students started on 11th July. The campus and hostel were buzzing with activity as students settled into the lush green campus. Wishing the incoming batch all the very best from Faculty and non-teaching staff @ Praxis.

Zero Day for PGPDS

We had an incredible Day Zero (4 July 2022) Data Science Campus Recruitments of Praxis PGPDS Jan-Oct 2022 batch. 93% placed within 4 hrs!
Highest slary – 16 LPA, Avg salary – 12.30 LPA.

Director’s Profile

Prof. (Dr.) Prithwis Mukerjee: Engineer, Coder, Imagineer
~by Sourav Ghosh
How do you profile a renaissance man?
Penning this profile of Dr. Prithwis Mukerjee a similar quandary grips yours truly.
He describes himself as an Engineer, Coder, and most importantly as an Imagineer. Even these words do not fully capture the polymath that is Dr. Mukerjee.
Over a freewheeling conversation that began with his childhood
and culminated in the present day, here’s a glimpse of his career, his wit and the ringside view he has had of the digital tsunami that is transforming our everyday lives.
read more
Born into a Bengali family in Kolkata, he excelled in academics, with a special affinity for Math and Physics. He remembers the emphasis his parents placed on education and learning. These early influences cultivated in him the curiosity to remain a lifelong learner, discovering new subjects and mastering new technologies.

A precocious student, he cleared the IIT entrance test in Class 11, so he did not have to appear for his higher secondary (Class 12)! He joined IIT Kharagpur to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. By joining IIT, he could ward off family pressure of having to pursue a degree in Medicine.

With great fondness, he recalls his undergrad years at IIT Kharagpur. He revelled in the academic pressure and forged deep friendships which last to this day. He also discovered his talent as a pugilist. So after four years of Fluid Dynamics in the classroom and Upper Cuts in the boxing ring, Dr. Mukerjee emerged a freshly minted Mechanical Engineer.

From IIT, he moved to the US to pursue his MS. His precocious streak continued, and he has the unique distinction of becoming a PhD without having to complete his MS. Returning to India, he joined Tata Steel in their Computer Services Department. He was handpicked as an Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, a stint which offered him deep insights into how corporate strategy is formulated at very large organizations.

His career progressed with stints at Tata Information Systems, PwC & IBM. Holding key positions, Dr. Mukerjee was at the forefront of the computerisation and automation efforts of these organizations.

Asked to pick one of the watershed moments of his career, he recalls his stint at PwC in their fledgling internet division. It was an exciting time, despite the skepticism in the lay public and corporations about this new fangled technology. Dr. Mukerjee soon recognised this as a seismic shift in the way the world would transact business.

A firm believer in adapting tech for the betterment of lives and streamlining archaic processes, he plunged headlong into evangelizing this technology. From strategizing to hands on setting up of the network, Dr. Mukerjee ran the gamut of operations. An experience he today credits for giving him a deep understanding of network systems and how to configure them.

He recounts an incident when he was tasked by a banking major to set up a network in their Manila offices. When he landed, his team found the city was shut down as there had been a military coup d’état. A feebler soul would probably have turned around and returned by the next flight.

Responding to the challenge, he gathered his team and smuggled themselves into the bank HQ. Rolling up his sleeves, he began the daunting task of physically setting up the network. He recounts crawling between desks and laying the cables by hand. A visual far removed from the cerebral tech expert we know so well.

As an Imagineer, who evangelized the internet, he is a firm believer in emerging technologies. One of the earliest Crypto converts, Dr. Mukerjee surmises that in today’s digital world there is probably no pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, rather you would find a crypto wallet stuffed with Bitcoin. So with disclaimers and a firm “Caveat Emptor” in place, readers know where and what to look for!!!

Under his stewardship, his division grew to be the largest revenue generator at PwC. However, Dr. Mukerjee felt the tug of academia. He first joined IITK as a full time faculty. Around this time Prof. Charanpreet Singh, an ex-colleague from PwC, was setting up the nascent Praxis Business School. Coming on board initially as a part time faculty, Dr. Mukerjee eventually became a full time faculty member. Together with Prof. Charanpreet Singh, he set out to change the paradigm of business education.

Initiating pioneering courses like Business Analytics, he continued to break new ground. Most business schools now offer courses in Analytics. However when Praxis began this course it required all of Dr. Mukerjee’s evangelical skills to get it off the ground.

With a checkered career and accolades over the years, Dr. Mukerjeee remains the quintessential Captain Kirk. Ever willing to seek new frontiers. He began his voyage into the metaverse long before most people had even heard of it. He holds “Virtual Estate” (for want of a better expression) and an avatar to go with it in the virtual world Second Life. Interested folks can get more details at his blog:

A widely read author with several titles to his credit. Much like the person, his books reflect the breadth of his intellect. They range from deep exposition of subjects like Business Information systems to Philosophy and his Capt. Kirk avatar finds expression in Science Fiction novels like Chronotantra and Chronoyantra.

Signing off, I am left wondering how an individual can accomplish so much? The answer can be found in his inimitable words – “When resources are limited, creativity is unlimited!!!”.

Alumni Profile

Praxis First Batch Pioneer – Varun Batra
Varun Batra first batch of PGPBM (Post Graduate Program in Business Management), now Head of Consulting & Research, Euromonitor International

Praxis Plaudits

Praxis receives the Education Eminence 2022 Award for being the Best Private Business School in Eastern Region.
In recognition of Praxis’ endeavor to offer industry specific courses & programs, Economic Times awarded Praxis Business School the “ET Best Education Brands Award 2022”.
Prof. Sourav Saha, Dean Academics, Praxis Business School, received the award in a glittering ceremony held at Delhi. He dedicated the award to the tireless efforts of the students, alumni, faculty and employees of Praxis.
Praxis among the 10 Must-Watch Business Schools in India- 2022

Praxis Press

Prof. Sourav Saha, Dean Academics, Praxis Business School and Prof. Charanpreet Singh, Founder and Director, Praxis Business School Foundation interviewed live at News 18 Bangla TV Live on 25 June 2022 11:30 AM.
Zee 24Ghanta interviews Prof. Charanpreet Singh, Co-Founder and Director, Praxis Business School.
Praxis participated in the News18 Bangla Education Eminence 2022 panel discussion –
“Should education be more practical / realistic in nature?”
In an exclusive report, Education Times covered the soaring demand for Data Science graduates in India and Praxis’ role
in shaping leaders for this digital future.
Prof. Charanpreet Singh (Founder, Praxis Business School)
was the Quiz Master for the Grand Finale of the 9th Kolkata International Quiz Festival (KQIF), the Gold Plate general
quiz featuring the top 8 teams in the competition.


Final of the Praxis Data Science Student Championship (South Zone) – brought to you by Praxis Business School in association with MachineHack by Analytics India Magazine.
Praxis participated in the CII session on Disruptive Marketing Strategy: Disruptive Trends Define the future of Marketing on
3rd June ’22.

Glimpses from the Praxis PGPDS 2022 Convocation

PGPDS Convocation Bangalore
Held on June 04, 2022
PGPDS Convocation Kolkata
Held on June 11, 2022

Campus Buzz

’16th Foundation Day of Praxis Business School’
We turned 15 years! A band of dreamers teamed up together to change the paradigm of Business Education in India 15 years ago. Now, with an additional campus in Bengaluru, Praxis continues to lead the way in creating the Digital leaders of tomorrow. Glimpses of the 16th Foundation Day on 30th July.
Mr Chandra Shekhar Ghosh, Founder, MD & CEO of
Bandhan Bank interviewed by Praxis PGDM students at
Kolkata campus.
Praxis has initiated a program to offer path breaking research opportunities to Under and Post Graduate students in the domains of Data Science, Business Analytics & Digital Business Management.
10 interns were selected from over 50 applicants who applied for the opportunity to solve real world business problems. Wishing the interns a very enriching and successful internship.

Alumni Achievement

Bharath Kumar Bolla – “40 Under 40 Data Scientists Awards 2022” by Analytics India Magazine.

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