Best Machine Learning Certification Courses in Kolkata and Bangalore

Best Machine Learning Certification Courses in Kolkata and Bangalore

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is based on the idea of artificial intelligence that enables the systems to learn and evolve through complex data rather than being explicitly programmed. Systems are now able to learn from data, identify and analyze patterns and make decisions that are beneficial for organizations with minimal human intervention. We all have heard of the applications like self-driving cars, online recommendations and suggestions on different websites like offers and friend suggestions, fraud detection etc.. These are some of the widely publicized Machine learning applications being used today. Praxis offers the best machine learning certification courses in Kolkata and Bangalore.

Why machine learning?

Machine learning has now become one of the fastest growing and lucrative careers in the new millennium. Because of constantly evolving computing technologies, machine learning is not a thing of the past. With large and complex data being generated every moment, it has become imperative for the companies to analyze the data and compute them to find some insight that can prove to be profitable for them. Praxis is the best institute for machine learning in India with the best team of expert faculties. Praxis provides certification courses in machine learning at Bangalore and Kolkata campus in India.

Machine Learning Use Cases

One thing that is common in every sector is the generation of big data. So to obtain some insights from that big chunk of data and make some profits and strategies, organizations in different sectors have become heavily dependent on machine learning technologies. Some of these sectors are:

1. Financial sector

Banks and other financial organizations use machine learning for 2 key purposes: first is to gain some insight, maintain data and analyze risk. This helps them to create business strategies and various essential decisions. The second purpose is for development of the fraud detection mechanism, to ensure the protection of data and finding any potential leak or other irregularities.

2. Government

Government and public sector agencies gather a large amount of raw data through surveys and various other sources. Therefore, to gain some insight from that big pile of raw data and for security purposes, they depend highly on machine learning.

3. Health care

Recently health care sector has seen a huge rise in its dependency on machine learning thanks to the latest technologies to assess patients conditions in real time. Nowadays, machine learning is also used to find concrete results and red flags so as to improve the treatment, diagnosis, and medication.

4. Marketing and sales

The most popular use of machine learning that is seen today is when you are getting automatic online recommendations and offers on different social and e-commerce sites. This is done by collecting all your previous records like purchasing details, your browsing history, and other data, analyzing them and promoting items according to your taste to personalize your shopping experience.

5. Transportation and navigation

Analyzing different data patterns and gaining some insight is crucial for transportation industries for predicting potential problems and routes. Even the most widely used application for navigation i.e. GPS uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to find the best route and user experience.

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Praxis is the best institute for machine learning certification course in Bangalore and Kolkata. Praxis offers a great opportunity for those who wish to dive deeper into machine learning, gain knowledge and computational skills needed to convert big and complex data into meaningful insight. Get yourself certified and equip with tools and techniques to enable seamless absorption into the domain of machine learning with the help of industry experts and hands-on-lab experience.

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