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Internal Complaint Committee

Name Gender Category
Sayantani Roy Choudhury F Presiding Officer
Jaydeep Mukherjee M Faculty 1
Subhashis Dasgupta M Faculty 2
Sanniti Chatterjee F Non-teaching staff
Amrita Ghosh F Non-teaching staff
Risha Kaur F Student 1
Richaa Prasad F Student 2
Mano Arvind M Student 3
Dhiraj Mishra M Nominee from NGO etc

*Tenure can have a rule of 1/3 member retirement each year

*Senior position holders not allowed to be members

AIM Education Pvt Ltd

Vinaita Khandelwal Presiding office
Sangeeta Ghosh Member
Madhuri Ghosh Member
Advocate Sanjay Baid Member