Clueless about what to do after your MBA? Investment Banking is the Answer!

Clueless about what to do after your MBA? Investment Banking is the Answer!

A crisp black suit. Pair of shiny black shoes. A sketchy but serious-looking suitcase. Slicked back hairstyle and black sunglasses. Every movie that has anything to do with money and finances has a similar-looking character who oversees huge money things. This shady yet mysterious person is a character that we all wished to be, at least for the coolness if not for the job. As passion and pressure of getting a job at the earliest devoured our dreams, forgotten was the mysterious character of the movies.  However, lucky are the ones who took a master’s in Business Administration because they have a chance to be this character that we admired with dreamy eyes. How you might ask? Investment Banking! 


While the cool wardrobe is completely optional and subjective, the job truly is one that would make you feel like a mystery character with brains. However, the very first question that pops up when considering investment banking after MBA is, what exactly is investment banking? Investment banking is a branch of banking that specializes in assisting individuals and businesses in raising funds and providing financial advice. Investment banks help institutions and individual investors by underwriting new debt and equity securities, assisting in the sale of securities, and facilitating mergers and acquisitions, reorganisations, and broker transactions. Investment banks also provide recommendations to issuers on stock issuance and placement making it a perfect path to opt after MBA.


Investment bankers work for a variety of financial firms around the world, including well-known financial giants such as Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, and Goldman Sachs. The primary goal of this position is to detect financial risks linked with business operations so that firms like banks and non-profit organisations can save time and expense. Other functions include collaborating with acquisitions, mergers, and sales, organising data and documents for public companies etc. Isn’t investment banking a much cooler profession to pursue after MBA than being a mystery film character!


While the chance to be the cool mysterious character of a film is a compelling reason to pursue investment banking after MBA, here are three additional reasons to consider before making the decision:


Investment banking gives you the chance to learn how to develop extensive, complicated financial models at an early time in your career. Owing to its quick nature, investment banking provides several chances for garnering knowledge and skill development, especially in the domains of business and finance. You’ll be introduced to a wealth of knowledge about financial dynamics and economies as well as data about what makes firms successful, from the minute you commence your first entry-level position. You’ll also be able to enhance soft skills such as communication, and self-confidence which we are sure is a personality trait of the mystery character.


By pursuing investment banking after your MBA, you will be on your road to establishing financial security – security that will facilitate you to take bigger risks in your career in only a few years. Considering investment banking is a career with a highly compensated potential, you can expect to make between $100,000 and $125,000 with incentives in your very first year. After two years as a financial analyst, your overall income will rise from $150,000 to $250,000, with your knowledge base expanding dramatically. You’ll be making upwards of $650,000 by the time you’re a vice president or managing director. That means by choosing investment banking after an MBA you can have multiple pairs of black suits to kill that mysterious character look!


As a fresh graduate, beginning a job in investment banking is a terrific approach to garner a comprehensive understanding of the industry and expertise that can be transferred to every other field of work. As you progress in your career, having a solid professional network is critical, and being able to create one early on will benefit you for years ahead. Who knows, investment banking after MBA can even get you more connections than a movie star!

Whether you want to be a cool mystery character of the movies or not, investment banking after MBA is a career path that can lead you to avenues which will help to advance in your life and career further ahead. Unsure of how to commence that path? Don’t worry. Praxis has got you covered. With the help of the meticulous and well-stitched Post-Graduate Diploma in Management developed by Praxis, your dreams, be it the movie character-looking investment banker or a normal wardrobe investment banker, have the chance to come true.

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