Go Market Research Yourself!

Go Market Research Yourself!

9Gag is a Hong Kong based cross-platform social media which primarily deals in memes and .gifs as well as rage comics. It has immense reach, more than 150 million users around the globe, besides millions of followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Would You Rather is an old and popular party/conversation game wherein participants are given a hypothetical dilemma in the form of a question beginning with ‘would you rather…’ and they must choose one of the options. Choosing both or neither is against the rules.

Why are we talking about meme sites and party games? Because recently 9Gag teamed up with market research firm, GfK, to create a simple ‘would you rather’ questionnaire for millennials to find out what they value more in their lives, careers, politics, technology, games and more.

This is of huge interest to any budding marketer as this is 1. Non-traditional and yet simple and cost effective mode of research and 2. The quantity and quality of the data collected. The survey, called the Millennial Black Paper received 134,694 responses from one ninety four countries over two weeks, which is a huge sample size, spread across the entire world. 9Gag thinks this is one of the largest millennial surveys ever. They defined millennials as people between the ages of eighteen to thirty four. And the responses have been eye opening and stereotype breaking, making this data invaluable to marketers.

One can register with 9Gag Global Millennial Black Paper to get a copy of the research.

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