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Prithvijit Roy


Anirban Nandi

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Charanpreet Singh

B.Tech (IIT Kanpur),
MBA (University of Iowa)

He is a member of the Marketing sub-committee at the…

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Devendra Pagnis

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Dr. Prithwis Mukerjee

B.Tech (IIT Kharagpur),
M.S & PhD (University of Texas at Dallas)

Dr PrithwisMukerjee is an engineering graduate from IIT, Kharagpur and…

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Dr. Sourav Saha

B.Tech (CSE), PGDBA,
Fellow (IIM Calcutta)

Sourav Saha is a Machine Learning professional turned Educator in…

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Sudipta Ghosh

MBA, IIM Calcutta, Gold Medalist (Ranked first in the 34th Batch), 1999
B Tech (Hons), IIT Kharagpur, Silver Medalist (Ranked first in the department), 1995

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