Celebrate Your Worth

Karuna Tiwari

Deputy Manager, Hinduja Global Solutions – PGPBA Class of 2017, Bangalore
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“The field of business analytics being as vast and as growing as it is, it is quintessential that you begin off with the right institute and I found Praxis living up to its reputation in that. Although there were some initial hiccups being the first batch in Bangalore; the management, the faculty and the students together were able to sail through smoothly and create a great learning experience. The course content is both relevant to market and in-depth. It does not concentrate only on the Statistics and Machine Learning but also on its application to business. The Statistics, SQL and data mining faculties leave a mark on how the content is delivered and making sure that the students understand it well.
So..If you are up for the “grind”, it can be one of the best places you can find…”