5 Tips to Select the Best Cyber Security Course in 2021
Best Cyber Security Course in 2021
15 January, 2021

5 Tips to Select the Best Cyber Security Course in 2021 The coronavirus pandemic has not only disrupted the global economy, social system, and political systems but also created an enormous challenge for businesses worldwide. The dependency on digital tools and digital infrastructure has heightened among the people and employees…

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Tips to select the best data science course in 2021
5 Tips to Select Best Data Science course in 2021
15 January, 2021

5 Tips to Select the Best Data Science Course in 2021 Data science has evolved exponentially over the past decade and it has now become the backbone of many organizations across the world. Despite having begun their careers with a basic idea of what the industry is all about, most…

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DALL-E: From Caption to Image
13 January, 2021

What connects a twentieth-century surrealist artist, a Pixar-animated film from 2008 and an AI-backed neural engine? The richest man in the world, of course. Salvador Dali was a surrealist painter born in Spain in 1908. Exactly a hundred years later, in 2008, Pixar Animation Studios, a subsidiary of the Walt…

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The Mathematical Road to AI
12 January, 2021

Experts feel, one major reason why AI talent is in short supply may be the lack of mathematics training in undergraduate IT courses Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now the big craze as AI-based applications are infiltrating every industry. Their scope is as varied as innovation can think of, and the…

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Back to Office
11 January, 2021

A smarter office driven by data As the COVID-19 vaccine begins to be rolled out worldwide, there’s a clear trend of employees eager to return to office. According to a survey by real estate firm JLL, despite all the ways the coronavirus pandemic has normalized working from home, three in…

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Tech Trends: 2021 – Part 2
8 January, 2021

Geopolitics, Big Tech regulations and Blockchain would be burning issues across the technology landscape in 2021 The technology landscape for 2021 will be dominated not only by scientific advancements, but by geopolitical currents as tensions between US, China and Russia increases; stricter global regulatory environments with concerns over data privacy…

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The Year of the Robot
7 January, 2021

Of all the things that the year 2020 may or may not be reminisced for, it will assuredly forever be remembered as nothing short of seminal for the world of robotics. From treating COVID-19 patients to dancing, herding sheep and even making perfect omelettes – robots did it all this…

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AI Wave Goes Quantum
6 January, 2021

AI makes iconic Quantum Chemistry breakthrough It was back in 1925 that an Austrian-Irish physicist named Erwin Schrödinger first postulated a linear partial differential function that not only described the wave function of a quantum mechanical system but also managed to completely transform the way that we knew and understand…

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Jobs 2021: A Preview
5 January, 2021

With Quantum Computing and Blockchains much in demand, the Indian job market shows uptick with Eastern region leading To predict which way careers will move in 2021, one will have to look at the big picture of global economic and business trends. One of the biggest changes which happened in…

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The Crisis in Education – A Year of Historic Disruptions
4 January, 2021

Ten changes that made 2020 a watershed year in the global education sector Yes, we all know how the pandemic had froze the world into a time warp. It had affected the civilization in a way never encountered since the last World War came to a close. In short, life…

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