PGP in Cyber Security

Offered at Salt Lake Campus

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What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security can be defined as the process or technology or practice by which the unauthorized access, damage or attack can be prevented to data, hardware, network or devices.

This field is growing in importance due to sheer dependability on Internet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, other wireless technologies and due to the growth of smart devises like Smartphone etc.

Cyber Security Reality Today

As per (ISC)2’s Cyber security Workforce study 2018 there are 2.93M shortage of manpower Globally with Asia Pacific region having the maximum contribution to it of 2.14M. Projected by 2020 there will be $150 Million Average cost to Data Breach. CNBC on 6th March 2019 has reported that A serious shortage of cybersecurity experts could cost companies hundreds of millions of dollars

  • Legacy approach has failed; intrusion is inevitable
  • Threats are sophisticated and ever-changing
  • Insider threat is massively underestimated
  • Self-learning, immune system approach is critical
  • Real-time detection of anomalous, previously unseen threat behavior is imperative
  • State sponsored attacks are increasing exponentially
  • National Critical Infrastructures are under massive threat
  • Shortage of trained man power to build cyber resilience across country