Certificate program in Malware Analysis

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What is Malware Analysis?

Malware analysis is one the vital and most sought after training on how various types of malwares function and any potential repercussions the malware. Malware code can differ radically. One should essentially understand that malware can have many functionalities. There are many forms of malwares and some of them can be like viruses, worms, spyware, and Trojan horses. Each type of malware gathers information about the infected device without the knowledge of the user or any kind of authorization from the user.

Program Objective

1 month short term program on Malware Analysis will equip the students to understand the functionalities of the malwares and how to take corrective measures and implement the same in real life scenarios in their organization level security through various case studies based on real incidents from the industry.

Who should attend it?

Anyone working or having experience in any organization as Cyber forensic, Security incident responder, Software developers, information security professionals, incident responders, computer security researchers, corporate investigators and others who need to understand how malware operates and the processes involved in performing malware analysis.


Course Title – Certificate in Malware Analysis

Duration1 month

  • Introduction to Malware
  • Static Analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Assembly Language and Disassembly Primer
  • Disassembly using IDA
  • Debugging Malicious Binaries
  • Malware Functionalities and Persistence
  • Code Injection and Hooking
  • Malware obfuscation techniques
  • Hunting Malware using memory Forensics
  • Detecting Advance Malware using memory Forensics

Course Fees

Please contact the centre for Course fee details.

New Batch Starting on 3rd week of June 2019