Snickers and the Dave Media Stunt
6 November, 2017

When you want to make a creative advertisement and in your quest to do so, you go the full hog and make something absolutely brilliant! That is exactly what Snickers did, they took their tried and tested tagline, teamed up with a telly channel and made an amazing advert! Dave…

Go Market Research Yourself!
27 October, 2017

9Gag is a Hong Kong based cross-platform social media which primarily deals in memes and .gifs as well as rage comics. It has immense reach, more than 150 million users around the globe, besides millions of followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Would You Rather is an old and popular…

Herbs and Spices!
20 October, 2017

Some of human history’s greatest mysteries include the legend of The Lost City of Atlantis, the identity of Jack the Ripper, the question of what happens after death and so on. But somewhere much further down the list you’ll also find the manufactured culinary mystery of the secret KFC recipe!…

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