So you are a fictional character and you need a job?
25 May, 2016

So for some odd reason you are suddenly a fictional character? Fear not, because armed with your MBA qualifications and your astute understanding of the business world you are sure to land yourself a job and build a career until you figure out a way to become real again. Here’s…

In Which Nike Just Did It!
19 May, 2016

Nike is pretty much the biggest sportswear company in the world and if not the biggest, definitely in the top three. As a result, Nike almost exclusively uses top athletes as their brand ambassadors. Nike has a long-standing history of being endorsed by top athletes, and in the early stages,…

3 May, 2016

In 2009, about 82,000 Americans terminated around 230,000 friendships on Facebook for free burgers, all within the span of a week. Whopper sandwiches are allegedly "America's favourite burger" according to Burger King, the manufacturer of the product. Burger King launched a promo Facebook app in 2009 in order to test their own claim. Anyone…

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