Dean’s Message – Praxis Business School

News-1-Body-Image-aThe saying “Change is Permanent” has been there since times immemorial. Today, this saying has a whole new meaning due to the rapid velocity of change.

Digitization, the availability of data and the means to use this data meaningfully has changed the face of business. New (and disruptive) models of business have emerged (such as e-commerce). So too have new professions (such as data analytics). Traditional brick and mortar businesses have embraced this change, leading to paradigm shift in their methods of operation. Commercial Banks are now competing in the digital space and Retail outlets are gearing up for e-tailing.

Business Schools are the institutions which train students for the industry. It is evident that to be relevant, B-Schools too, have to undergo a paradigm shift in the curriculum as well as pedagogy.

Praxis Business School has always prided itself on its proximity to Industry. It is this proximity which led to the start of the One Year Course on Business Analytics – as this was a pain point articulated by the Industry.

In its attempt to remain relevant to the Industry, Praxis is re-designing its offerings. From the Academic Year 2015-16, Praxis will offer Industry Verticals as Areas of Concentration. This year, the Verticals on offer are:

  • Business Analytics.
  • E-Commerce.
  • Consumer Insights and Market Intelligence.
  • Banking, Investment and Project Finance.

Students will go through the Core or compulsory courses in the First Year of the Two Year Program. In the second Year, the students may choose from a basket of electives designed for the concentration. These electives have been developed in collaboration with a Knowledge Partner from the Industry. For example, in the One Year Program in Business Analytics, ICICI Bank and PwC are the Knowledge Partners. They have co-designed the curriculum and continue to do so as fresher domains of knowledge need to be incorporated. They also send resource persons to deliver topics that are best taught by industry practitioners. The knowledge partner also gets first right of refusal on candidates going through the course. In other words, they are the first recruiters.

This requires a very close connect with the Industry – and that is precisely what Praxis has developed in its 8 years of existence. In this period, it has also built up an ecosystem which facilitates rapid change in curriculum in order to be relevant and access to resource persons who can do this.

This is an exciting time to be in the Industry. We welcome you to get a feel of this excitement. And prepare yourself adequately for it. Come and “Celebrate Your Worth”.

Prof. Srinivas Govindrajan
Dean and ICICI Bank Chair
Praxis Business School