Certified Lead Implementer Professional (CLIP) for BS 10012:2017 Personal Information Management System including General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR)

BS 10012 Personal Information Management System Training (GDPR)

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Course Description

Be confident that you can efficiently meet stakeholder expectations with a robust Personal Information Management System (PIMS) including the requirements of GDPR. Work with our world-class privacy trainers on our Certified Lead Implementer Professional Training Course to ensure your PIMS is BS 10012:2017 and GDPR compliant and your cloud services are compliant to ISO 27018.

Who should attend?

  • Data Privacy Officers and those who will be involved in advising top management on the introduction of BS 10012:2017 into an organization

  • Designed for core implementation and auditing teams with responsibility of compliance to global privacy compliance frameworks such as GDPR, GAPP, APEC and OECD

  • Those planning to lead and implement a system, or new to managing a system

  • Consultants responsible for implementing data privacy frameworks

What will you learn?

Upon completion of this training, delegates will be able to understand the key concepts and principles of

  • Privacy concepts and PII categories

  • Privacy Principles

  • Privacy architecture based on ISO 29101

  • Phases of PII processing Lifecycle

  • Privacy Organization structure

  • Requirements of BS 10012:2017 and GDPR to establish PIMS including Data inventory & data flow, Privacy Impact Assessments etc.

  • Interpret the requirements of from an implementation perspective in the context of their organization

  • Conduct a base line review of the organizations current position with regard to ISO 29100, ISO 29101, BS 10012:2017, ISO 27018, GAPP and GDPR

  • Integrate globally acceptable best practices with the present management system

Complete the Certified Lead Implementer Professional BS10012:2017 and GDPR Certificate Exam

How will you benefit from this course?

  • An understanding of effective personal information management throughout an organization which protects the personally identifiable information (PII) within information and communication technology(ICT) systems.

  • Understanding common privacy terminology and the common Privacy Principles

  • Understand privacy safeguarding requirements

  • Understanding and creating the Privacy architecture

  • Framework throughout the PII processing Lifecycle

What’s included in the training?

  • Training pack (training materials, BSI pen, training course note)

  • Lunch

  • Refreshments