Certification Program in Business Analytics

Foundation course for Students aspiring to transition in to Analytics

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Praxis pioneered the teaching of Analytics as a discipline by launching a one-year full-time program in Business Analytics from its campus in Kolkata in 2011, as it believed that India needs to be well-positioned to grasp the huge opportunity this discipline provides to trained professionals. While the one-year program has grown in strength and stature, and has been consistently ranked in the top-5 Analytics programs in the country, Praxis has launched weekend programs in Bangalore and Kolkata for working, time-poor executives.

While most of the training in analytics in India is delivered either online or in hybrid (online with class support) mode, Praxis offers its entire program in instructor-led classroom training mode. Praxis believes that Data Science is a complex domain and requires immersive learning. Quality of faculty and their cross functional expertise are as important enablers to learning as the curriculum itself.


What is Business Analytics?

Business analytics refers to the skills, technologies, applications and practices for developing new insights into and understanding of business performance based on data and statistical methods. Businesses increasingly use the services of business analysts to extract meaning from data in order to make better business decisions.